3D Scanning and Mapping

3D scanning for your next project, unit, or plant delivered better and faster from a team of plant professionals empowered with the latest-and-greatest technology.

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built by plant worker for plant workers

We know your problem.

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A 300x Improvement with New Technology

10x faster while collecting 30x more data results in better data, collected with less field time, and processed and delivered much faster than old approaches.

why ei

Delivering a better way.

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Plant Professionals

Our team of experts know the plant and make safety their #1 priority.
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Back-Office Muscle

Incredible backend tools to turn data around fast in any format you need.
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Global Reach

A global support-network allows us to scale-up to meet your needs.
An employee working with a scan device.

Scan once,
collect everything.

We collect high-quality laser scan data and 3D photogrammetry with a higher level of coverage than traditional approaches, making our data better-suited for your drafting, modeling, or digital-twin needs.

Data in any format.

We deliver in common .e57 or .pts format, and our team of experts can convert your data into any format you need.
A laptop showing the scanned images.

How it compares.

Ei’s mobile first scanning approach collects better data than antiquated scanning methods or photo-only approaches. Scan once, collect everything with Ei.

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Properties of the Static Laser Scanning.
Properties of Ei Mobile-first.
Properties of Photoframmetry.

Delivers EI Everywhere

And we give you so much more.

Ei Everywhere implemented.

As part of every P&ID revalidation project, we deliver our Ei Everywhere platform to you, your team, and the rest of the plant. Delivering your project, and continued innovation, for years to come.
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ei everywhere

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