Turnaround Planning. Plan Better.

Digitize the planning of your next turnaround to maximize your KPIs with virtual fieldwalks and collaborative planning with a tool that’s easy to use and flexible enough to match your current processes.

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Collaborate everywhere

Plan from Anywhere

Powerful plant visuals and integrated data means you can leverage a global workforce and augment your decision through all phases of the planning cycle.
Mockup showing 2D view of Ei platform

Visualize and Optimize your schedule

Integrate your P6 and SAP data and overlay it over the 2D and 3D views of the unit to identify bottlenecks sooner.
Visualize everywhere

Make better informed decisions

With a virtual 3D view of your plant and live, collaborative planning information, you and your team have the information available at all times to make better informed decisions.

And so much more.

We deliver your project, and deliver Ei Everywhere to drive modernization across all departments at the plant.
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