Time-on-Tool Increase + Reduced Operations Burden

April 7, 2021
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Ei Everywhere iPad Kiosks + access to all contract personnel to the “Assets” “Work Letters” and “Safety” layers.

Recently, Ei supported a customer’s turnaround by placing Ei Everywhere iPad Kiosks around the unit running the Ei Everywhere Kiosk-Optimized iPad App, allowing contractors to easily search for equipment, search for jobs, and report safety hazards. A total of three iPad kiosks were set-up under temporary, weather-proof shelters in key high-traffic areas around the unit.

For safety-reporting, the customer built a simplified hazard reporting form which allowed contractors to report hazards throughout the unit. To do so, contractors would simply select a “Report Hazard” button on the kiosk, click on the plot plan map of the unit to report it’s location, and (optionally) add any additional information. The site’s safety team enabled email and text message notifications on the “Safety” layer for immediate response to reported hazards.

By the second day of the event, there was a literal line around the trailer to the iPad Kiosks, with contractors utilizing the kiosks to quickly find their job site, either by searching for the nearby asset or the job. Not only did this increase time-on-tool during the event, but greatly reduced the burden on operations (of answering simple “where is this”) during permit-sign-off time at shift change.

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Key Results
  • Over 50 hazards reported during the event, and 0 injuries as a result of increased safety awareness
  • Increased time-on-tool by contractors
  • Decreased burdon on operations