Reduced Contractor Costs: Scaffold Planners and Engineering Contractors

April 7, 2021
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Ei Everywhere Virtual Fieldwalks + use of Ei Everywhere teams for contractors + tagging relevant jobs on each contractors Ei Everywhere team.

Recently, a customer was able to save nearly $200,000 in engineering contractor costs for pre-job verification; and another customer saved over $200,000 in scaffold planning and verification cost with Ei Everywhere.

Both customers utilized the easy-to-use Team feature within Ei Everywhere to invite their contractors to the virtual unit. They then quickly “tagged” the jobs relevant to each contractor with the contractor’s layer (“Scaffold Jobs to Plan” or “Acme Corp. Jobs,” for instance) giving them the ability to quickly perform virtual field walks in the 3D view, take measurements utilizing the embedded laser scan data, and find additional information from the CAD and 2D views. 100% remotely, without any trips to the site (or labor and travel costs) included.

The engineering contractor was able to verify 90% of the jobs by themselves, the remaining 10% were reviewed on a virtual Microsoft Teams meeting between the planner and the contractor. The scaffold contractor was able to plan 100% of their work all virtually, and identified some previously unforeseen issues with clearances on at least three jobs.

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Key Results
  • $200,000 in Engineering Contractor cost reduction by eliminating trips to site for pre-job walkdown verifications.
  • $200,000 in Scaffold Contractor cost reduction by eliminating trips to the site for fieldwalks to plan scaffolding
  • Reduced worker exposure hours and travel expenses