Critical Job Planning Reduces Onsite Surprises, Cost and Schedule Overrun

July 4, 2021
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Ei Everywhere Virtual Fieldwalks + easy to create fly-through videos of critical jobs

Using the Ei Everywhere portal developed to plan their turnaround, recently, a customer was able to create a “fly through video” of the job (a flare-line replacement job) to show the critical steps involved. This video was created in less than one day, and was utilized during various stakeholder meetings to ensure alignment on the critical-path job.

During one critical meeting, the client assembled various stakeholders and contractors supporting the job on a Microsoft Teams meeting to review the plan for the coming week. During this meeting, a Mechanical Engineer identified the location of one of the large tie-ins on a 48” line would be precariously far away from a nearby pipe support and vibrations would quickly result in integrity issues. Additionally, the crane operator identified issues with clearances during a critical portion of the lift.

This previously would not have been identified until all resources had mobilized to the site, resulting in cost and schedule overrun for this critical-path task. In the time remaining before the event, the team was able to re-engineer the lift (adding additional pipe support) and plan to remove adjacent supports which would have caused an issue during the lift.

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Key Results
  • Eliminated cost and schedule overrun resulting from onsite delays during the critical-path job
  • Improved alignment between a large, multidisciplinary team conducted completely remotely, eliminating travel costs and time for contractors and freeing staff up for other critical-path tasks
  • Prevented last-minute surprises on critical-path job