Debottleneck Your Next Turnaround with Ei

Debottleneck Your Next Turnaround with Ei

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September 4, 2018
Eric Allen
Ei’s next-generation tooling for turnaround planning and execution will save you millions with virtual fly-throughs, improved communication, collaboration, and hazard communication. Some ways we help:
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Minimize Field Walks (and Surprises)

When collaborating in the planning phase of a turnaround with on-site personnel and off-site contractors, visualizing the job-site is crucial. But how much time is spent doing physical field walks (think: traveling to the site, getting permits) that could be eliminated if there was a way to do a virtual field walk?

With Ei’s operations-focused laser scanning we deliver a fully-interactive 3D view of your plant for pre-job planning, that’s viewable in either a free desktop-based software tool or browser-based viewer. How can this help?

  • Virtual Job Walks - Countless pre-job walks can be eliminated with better visualization tools. Why do a field walk when you can virtually fly through the plant? Better yet, by providing a virtual view of the plant, Ei maximizes collaboration and pre-planning amongst your team (both in-house and contractors).
  • Pre-Plan Scaffolding and Equipment Access - Perform millimeter-level measurements of equipment dimensions, access points, and work areas to minimize surprises.

Enhanced Work Packages (minimize Guesswork)

Ei enhances your existing work packages with interactive 3D models of the equipment, videos, and virtual planning of work steps.

Maximize Safety and Permitting Collaboration (maximize Safety Awareness)

With a quick operations-focused laser scan, Ei can make electronic plot plans with searchable equipment information (down to the valve and transmitter level) that serve as the backbone for simple, but effective, hazard communication throughout the duration of the project. Give all of your turnaround personnel (even field personnel) access to this tool to instantly know and share hazards that are identified.