Here are a few ways that you can start using EiMOC right now

Management of Change

EiMOC and FieldTech Manager provides a transparent platform for LDAR change-management that includes completely electronic data collection. Increase data integrity by eliminating error-prone manual data entry and give field personnel access to all of the data they need (the entire database backup) to fully address changes. 

  • Save Time - Document and inspect components in a single trip to the field.
  • Eliminate Guesswork - Instantly access historic database information, including existing components, route IDs, and reference tag information.
  • Transfer Electronic Redlines to CAD - With completely electronic collection of P&ID markups, these markups can be transferred to CAD for P&ID updates.

Retag/Revalidation Projects

We use EiMOC with FieldTech Manager during retagging and revalidation projects project, enabling enhanced quality, productivity, and data control of data before it goes into your LDAR database. Using EiMOC has been shown to reduce overall retag costs by at least 10%, as us how! 

  • Collaborate Effectively - Transferable field markups ensure that technicians can work together in sync and don't overlap
  • Eliminate Re-work - Automated field QA/QC notifications of data ensures that post-field QA/QC will be minimal
  • Be More Efficient - Reduces field time needed to validate a P&ID by 50%

Inventory and P&ID QA/QC

Never do routine inventory QA/QC with paper P&IDs and printed Master Equipment Lists (MELs) again! Use EiMOC to support all of your LDAR program's inventory QA/QC needs, including line-walks, P&ID revalidation, and MOC verification.

  • Search the Existing Database - Instead of using paper MELs, search equipment location descriptions for major equipment (P-101 or T-102B) to generate an instant MEL for field verification.
  • Go out with All Highlighted P&IDs - Want to walk around and do spot checking? Load up ALL of the site's P&IDs on a tablet, and a complete database backup, and you have all the information you need!
  • Quick Electronic Data Syncing - Make updates to equipment types, location descriptions, and other database fields without having to manually type edits into the database.


With EiMOC's Bluetooth integration ability, you're able to document newly installed components and monitor them at the same time. Never stress about meeting the 30-day initial monitoring requirement for newly installed valves again! 

  • Everything you need, all in one place- Load every turnaround work package, highlighted P&ID, & several units of LDAR data from your LDAR database in the tablet. 
  • Electronic Tracking of Work Package Completion - FieldTech Manager gives you the ability to electronically track tagging and monitoring completion, so you can rest assured you're on task to get all work completed within 30 days.