We believe that Project Safety is about more than just company culture - Safety is a choice made by each and every professional each and every day. We are fortunate to boast a track record of ZERO INCIDENTS in our company's history. We maintain active enrollment in contractor pre-qualification systems such as ISNetworld and PICS Auditing, and each of our professionals have active status with Transportation Worker Identification Credentials (TWIC), random drug testing programs administered by DISA and other agencies, as well as OSHA and other requisite safety training to perform onsite work.

In addition to Ei's commitment to achieve 100% compliance with site-specific safety policies and procedures, Ei's Project Team utilize electronic forms to complete the following safety practices as a matter of standard operating procedure:

  1. Daily Tailgate / Toolbox - At the beginning of each onsite work-day, each member of the team participates in and is accounted for in a discussion related to project health and safety that is specific to the job role, task, and location for the project.
  2. Job Safety Analysis - Each field team completes an electronic JSA, which is reviewed with site Operations personnel, as necessary. Electronic JSAs are sync'd to Ei's cloud server daily and are made available to clients in Adobe PDF format.
  3. Hazard / Near Miss Recognition - Ei's professionals are trained to proactively identify, communicate, and report potential safety hazards and near misses to Operations, Management, and their respective teammates.
  4. Incident Reporting - In the event of an incident, the Ei Project Team is instructed to comply with all site communication and reporting procedures. Additionally, the incident is logged into an electronic database, which commences a root cause analysis to be performed by Ei's Safety and Management Teams.

Our "Trust but Verify" culture leads us to develop safety solutions that deliver information electronically and in automated fashion. Should you choose Ei to perform a LDAR project for you that involves onsite work, you can expect that we will implement an automated daily notification system (see image below) for all safety forms submitted by the Ei Project Team.

We also reward our professionals to proactively identify hazards and near misses through our Safety Steward Program, in which we provide gift cards with ranging from $25 to $100. Should you choose Ei to complete your next LDAR Project, we look forward to measuring up to the highest expectations for safety, as well as our implementing industry best practices to ensure a successful and safe project.