Without Ei’s industry-leading deliverables, the P&IDs you’re getting from your next LDAR highlighting project are simply color on paper.

Industry Leading P&ID Markups

The PDF or DWF format highlighted P&IDs we deliver are electronically highlighted, stream-annotated, and searchable both in the office or in the field using one of our intrinsically-safe tablets.

Detailed Equipment Inventory

We deliver equipment inventory and applicability reports with our deliverables, giving you the information you need to easily understand the LDAR applicability in each unit. These reports can become a go-to resource for future MOCs, inventory projects, and LDAR inquiries.

Pump Applicability Deliverable.PNG
  • Counts of Valves in LDAR Service by Stream
  • Pump and Compressor Applicability
  • Process Vessel Applicability
  • Heat Exchanger Applicability (Shell and Tube Side)