How we Do It: 4 Simple Steps to Success

Step 1: PFD Markups

Our chemical engineers analyze your process flow diagrams (PFDs) to determine high-level applicability.

Step 2: PFD Review

We meet with you or the process unit’s engineering or operations team (in-person or remotely) to efficiently review the marked-up PFDs, documenting any applicability determinations in the process.

Step 3: P&ID Conversion and Streaming

Our CAD professionals convert your P&IDs into a native, electronic format, assigning LDAR Stream names in the process. These streams are reviewed and approved by Ei’s chemical engineers.

Step 4: Highlighting and QA/QC with Ei’s LDAR Intelligence

Our LDAR Intelligence™ software is used to generate electronically, highlighted P&IDs - stream determinations and equipment designations are validated for accuracy.