Updating your LDAR P&IDs doesn't have to be a costly and time consuming process. When your P&IDs are highlighted by Ei, we can leverage our data-driven approach to automatically update your P&IDs on whatever time-frame you want (monthly, quarterly or annually), for as little as $10 per P&ID.

Here's How we Do It:

CAD Redline Updates

Compliance Highlight Updates

Step 1: Send us your Redlines

Step 1: Send us your Updated P&IDs

Send us your updated, non-highlighted P&IDs in PDF or CAD format.

Send us your redlines in whatever format you have them (paper or electronic).

Step 2: Ei Incorporates CAD Redlines

Step 2: Ei Updates your Markups

Our CAD and engineering teams thoroughly review all redlines you send to us, updating the P&IDs accordingly.  Our data-drive tools allow us to “lock-in” your CAD standards through the process, eliminating manual data entry and ensuring a high-level of accuracy.

We use our “diff-check” tools to quickly identify any and all changes in the P&IDs. Leveraging the data from your original highlights, we’re able to quickly update the compliance data in the P&IDs, and use our auto-highlighting tools to re-generate update highlights in minutes.

Step 3: Ei’s Sends you Updated P&ID Highlights and Data Reports

Step 3: Ei Sends you Updated P&IDs and Data Reports

In addition to sending you updated P&ID highlights (in whatever format you want), we send you industry-leading data reports on compliance changes to the P&IDs - including added or removed equipment and process changes.

We send you updated electronic P&IDs with all redlines incorporated in both CAD and popular viewer formats (DWF or PDF). Additionally, we summarize any and all changes to the drawings in a simple closeout report.

How it's Better: Which Applies to You?

There are many ways to update your P&IDs and compliance highlights, we've seen it all. Which one below applies to your plant? Learn how Ei's P&ID update service is better.

At my plant currently...

You're not updating your P&IDs

Ei's P&ID updates will bring efficiency and quality to your MOC process, and will reduce the costs associated with future projects, fieldwork, and QA/QC. Realze reduced risk, increased efficiency, and optimized operations

You update your P&IDs on paper

The searchability of Ei's electronic P&ID updates will reduce MOC costs, and will speed up your next retag. In addition, you or your contractor will be freed-up to work on QA/QC and other compliance priorities.

Engineering updates your P&IDs

Save engineering time and costs billed to your department, and free-up time from your plant's engineer's busy schedules. Increase accuracy by by having your P&IDs updated by engineers and CAD professionals who are focused on compliance.


CAD updates the P&IDs using layers

CAD layers equal double the time for any CAD update: any time a pipe moves or is added in CAD, the drafter has to update the corresponding layer. With Ei's approach, our highlights aren't layers, greatly increasing update efficiency (and reducing costs).

An outtside contractor updates your P&IDs

Whether they're using CAD layers, paper P&IDs and highlighters, or any other approach: Ei's tools and dedicated team can perform the work more cost effectively, leaving you with higher quality deliverables to enhanced your compliance and maximize your budget.


Ready to Get Started?

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