Updating your LDAR P&IDs doesn't have to be a costly and time consuming process. When your P&IDs are highlighted by Ei, we can leverage our data-driven approach to automatically update your P&IDs on whatever time-frame you want (monthly, quarterly or annually), for as little as $10 per P&ID.

Why Choose Ei?

Mobile Tools

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Maximum Field Accuracy

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In House CAD Team

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Here's How we Do It:

CAD Redline Updates

Compliance Highlight Updates

Step 1: Send us your Redlines

Step 1: Send us your Updated P&IDs

Send us your updated, non-highlighted P&IDs in PDF or CAD format.

Send us your redlines in whatever format you have them (paper or electronic).

Step 2: Ei Incorporates CAD Redlines

Step 2: Ei Updates your Markups

Our CAD and engineering teams thoroughly review all redlines you send to us, updating the P&IDs accordingly.  Our data-drive tools allow us to “lock-in” your CAD standards through the process, eliminating manual data entry and ensuring a high-level of accuracy.

We use our “diff-check” tools to quickly identify any and all changes in the P&IDs. Leveraging the data from your original highlights, we’re able to quickly update the compliance data in the P&IDs, and use our auto-highlighting tools to re-generate update highlights in minutes.

Step 3: Ei’s Sends you Updated P&ID Highlights and Data Reports

Step 3: Ei Sends you Updated P&IDs and Data Reports

In addition to sending you updated P&ID highlights (in whatever format you want), we send you industry-leading data reports on compliance changes to the P&IDs - including added or removed equipment and process changes.

We send you updated electronic P&IDs with all redlines incorporated in both CAD and popular viewer formats (DWF or PDF). Additionally, we summarize any and all changes to the drawings in a simple closeout report.

How it's Better: Which Applies to You?

There are many ways to update your P&IDs and compliance highlights, we've seen it all. Which one below applies to your plant? Learn how Ei's P&ID update service is better.

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