P&ID revalidations provided by Ei give you peace-of-mind that your P&IDs are being revalidated and updated to ensure that field equipment configurations match representations in as-built engineering drawings. We believe our commitment to delivering excellent, high quality work is driven by a turn-key solution that implements best practices to drive safety performance, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness

P&ID Revalidation Team and Approach

Our P&ID Revalidation Team includes field, CAD, and QA/QC professionals who can streamline and improve your P&ID update process.

Projects Led by Industry Best Practices

We believe that implementing best practices lead to an industry-best P&ID revalidation, whether being performed for PSM, environmental, or engineering reasons. When you choose Ei as your P&ID revalidation partner, you have the option to have us implement some or all of the following best practices we support:

       Project Best Practices

1. Plot electronic, searchable P&IDs and plot plans to field-verify equipment more efficiently.

2. Utilize intrinsically-safe tablets and log electronic redlines to improve document management.

3. Generate electronic redlines in DWF or PDF format to reduce time for CAD to updates.

4. Produce report of P&ID additions/deletions to provide advanced reporting deliverables.

5. Track revalidation completion on basis of per-P&ID, piping line, and geographical area of unit to optimize logistics and progress communication.

6. Conduct Root Cause Analysis of major discrepancies which may signal a routine MOC failure.

7. Employ collaboration to merge markups and share field notes among field and plant personnel to drive "evergreen" and up-to-date P&IDs.


Our unique experience in P&ID data review provides us with the technology to provide advanced reporting deliverables, such as a change log indicating asset additions/removals by P&ID. Whatever your needs are, Ei can provide a customized solution to meet your scope, schedule, and budget considerations. When you choose Ei as your revalidation partner, you receive one or all of the following project work products:

  1. Project completion reports;
  2. Field-verified P&ID redlines (electronic or hard-copy);
  3. Electronic CAD updates incorporating redlines;
  4. Change log of equipment additions/removals; and
  5. Project closeout memorandum.

How Ei is Better

Tools to Do it Better

Our proprietary CAD and mobile tools (running in intrinsically safe tablets) streamline the field walk-down and redline update process, maximizing efficiency, thoroughness, and accuracy. 

In-House CAD Experts

Our in-house CAD team has decades of plant experience, simplifying the interface time with your CAD department, and answering any questions which arise during the process.

Enhanced Deliverables

With options to deliver searchable P&IDs (for the rest of the plant), data-driven CAD projects, and detailed P&ID-based equipment inventories as part of our standard walk-down project, we provide enhanced value for the rest of the plant.

Change Impact Analysis

When our experts walk down your P&IDs, we understand the impacts of any  changes we identify in the field. Be it updating your compliance databases, understanding inspection requirements, or shoring up the MOC process, our experts support various continuous improvement initiatives at the plant.