Nearly all inspection, compliance, and operational databases at the plant are build of equipment that is also shown in the P&IDs. The risk and cost associated with these systems being inaccurate are large. Ei can leverage the wealth of data shown in your P&IDs and contained in your various data sources to identify areas of costly misalignment.

Ei Audits Your:

Inspection Databases

Identify equipment that is missing from your inspection and maintenance programs.

Maintenance Databases

Identify equipment which may be missing from your maintenance database, may have inaccurate information, or may need a routine Preventative Maintenance (PM) check.

Managed P&IDs

Identify missing process lines and equipment through Ei’s innovative off-page-connector review, out-of-date line tags, and other P&ID accuracy issues.

Here's How we Do It:

When Ei’s experts analyze your P&IDs we populate all of the information show in your P&IDs as data, turning your drawings into an invaluable source of information. With our tools to access and analyze this data, as well as our dedicated team of CAD and Engineering professionals, we’re able to identify, summarize, and report on discrepancies.

With nothing more than a copy of your P&IDs and a backup of your inspection, maintenance, engineering, or operational database we’re able to deliver a comprehensive audit report of discrepancies for your department to quickly follow-up on and address.

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