Our team of Engineering LDAR Professionals not only support the management of our LDAR inventory projects, but are experts at providing the Engineering Expertise you need to support your LDAR program. Read below to learn how we can help your LDAR program.

Low-E Engineering Assessments

Low-E continues to be at the top of the EPA LDAR priority list. Our team can help you review existing site purchasing practices, existing field inventory, and database records to help you gauge Low-E health at your plant: both helping you identify the Low-E valves you may already have, as well as identify any Low-E alternatives to valves you're purchasing currently. 

Ei's Low-E Database

Over the years we've collected hundreds of Low-E valve and packing certifications, and we've begun the process of making a publically accessible Low-E database to help those who want to improve valve leakage performance in their plants. The database is still in Beta, but stay tuned as we continue finalizing it!

Want Access to our Low-E Database? Click Here