Simplify Inventory, Retagging, and Revalidation

Intelligent P&ID-Driven Projects

Intelligent P&IDs reduce manual (and error prone) data entry. Over 80% of the information collected during a retag is automatically populated using intelligent P&IDs. This eliminates the time-consuming process of manually transcribing P&ID data from the P&ID to the datalogger or flagging cards.

Additionally, intelligent P&IDs allow for industry-leading project tracking, enhanced QA/QC and compliance assurance, and produce industry-leading project deliverables including P&IDs with LDAR tag annotations.

Standard P&ID-Driven Projects

With standard highlighted P&IDs, we capture all field markups and notes electronically. All field markups can be easily combined, analyzed, and shared between members of the project team - maximizing project efficiency and retag accuracy.

Industry-Leading Support

Project Management

Throughout the project, we provide detailed project tracking and updates so you know what our team is working on and what's coming next. 

Field Work

We provide inventory experts to execute all phases of the project and empower them with expert-level software and support. We leverage all these to enhance productivity, communication, and compliance.

We work to document valid, accurate old tag numbers for each retagged component, and work to document reasons for inventory additions and removals - invaluable information for regulatory reporting season. 


Quality Control - We program custom software that prevents bad data from being collected and warns the technician if potentially incorrect data is inputted. 

Quality Assurance - All collected is analyzed by our industry-leading software and our team of experts to maximize compliance and consistency. When we use intelligent P&IDs, we ensure every LDAR-applicable component on the P&ID has been documented – an unprecedented level of quality assurance.

Final Deliverables

At the end of an Ei retag, you get industry-leading enhanced deliverables, including industry-leading electronic P&ID highlights with LDAR tag annotations, a detailed closeout report documenting applicability determinations and all phases of the project, and tools to efficiently and accurately manage inventory changes moving forward.