Ei 3D Web Portal

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3D Web Portal for Plant Digitization

To visualize HD photos, high quality point clouds, and your plant’s intelligent P&IDs, all integrated together and customized for your specific use cases.

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Search and Find Anything

Equipment, work letters, permits, hazards, and anything else can quickly be located in both 3D, 2D, or the P&ID.

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Integrated 3D Plot Plan View

See your plant’s assets in information from a digital plot plan view, for job density loading and quickly locating assets and jobs.

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Seamlessly Stitched Photos and Pointclouds

HD “photospheres” are perfectly integrated with point cloud data to give spatial information (measurements).

Think your plant or next project could benefit from Ei’s 3D Visualization portal? Contact us at info@env-int.com to explore how to get started.