Stretch Your BWON Budget With Ei’s TAB Revalidation Services

Our new subscription service meets TAB Report deadlines at a fraction of the cost.
Ei is now offering chemical engineering expertise to help you revalidate your BWON TAB. The result: value-added BWON reporting with an opportunity to implement electronic BWON P&IDs.
For the cost of an average TAB revalidation, you get:

  • BWON TAB Revalidation Package to meets your basic compliance needs including:

  • POG review in detail;

  • 6BQ/2Mg analysis of “heavy hitter” streams;

  • “Commonly missed” waste streams evaluation;

  • Comparison of 2015 to 2016 TAB and 6BQ/2Mg contributions; as well as a

  • Technical Report to document Ei’s review and revalidation updates.

With budget saved from standard consultant fees, Ei gives you an opportunity to go the “extra mile” with these BWON compliance enhancements: 

  • Onsite operator interviews
  • Highlighted BWON P&IDs in smartPDF™ format
  • TAB/6BQ/2Mg spreadsheet/database upgrade

Ei smartPDF™ Searchable BWON P&ID

Click to See How this P&ID is Searchable in PDF FORMAT! Ei smartPDF™

Click to See How this P&ID is Searchable in PDF FORMAT! Ei smartPDF™


The best part about using Ei for your 2016 TAB/6BQ/2Mg report? Lock in a subscription service for next year at a 50% discount.
Got Questions? Want to know more about our team of chemical engineers with a combined 50 years of experience? Feel free to call Shane Kling ( at 281-862-8884