Vision: How to Reduce Operating Costs and Compliance Risk with Integrated Plant and Compliance Data Management


Ask any engineer, operator, or manager at an operating plant if their workflows and data systems function at the highest level of efficiency, and you’ll likely get a laugh (we commonly ask that question and get that response).  One need only to look at any paper-based processes – checklists for inspections, field verification and redlining of P&IDs, or printing MOC packages for review – for opportunities to improve workflow processes. “Workflow” seems to be one of those buzz-words that far too many people use without understanding its true importance. We believe that optimizing “workflow” is critical for three, fundamental reasons: 1) Increasing productivity, 2) Reducing operating costs, and 3) Mitigating environmental and safety compliance risk.

Creating a workflow diagram is an exercise that is little more than mapping a process from the beginning-to-end.  We swear by workflows at Ei, because it helps us identify how we can improve processes through eliminating unnecessary steps and by automation.  In fact, Ei was started 7 years ago by attempting to do little more than improve the process of managing LDAR applicability with industry-standard CAD platforms.

Now, we have something much greater to offer the industry – a software solution that integrates any plant data management system through a P&ID interface.  It may seem like a radical idea, but we believe that this is the best approach to achieve integrated engineering document and data integrity while reducing operating costs and compliance risk.  Don’t take our word for it – let us know what you think after you watch our YouTube video for: PLANT Intelligence™ - Plant Data and P&ID Technology that Reduces Operating Costs and Compliance Risks