Reducing LDAR Inventory/Retag Budgets by > 10%


Recently, Ei has wrapped up three LDAR Inventory / Retag projects using our FieldTech Toolbox™ software, which has led to huge efficiently gains – all at

net-zero budget impact

to what the site had budgeted.  At the completion of these projects, Ei presented our clients with a set of enhanced deliverables, which included

best-in-class P&IDs annotated with LDAR tag numbers

, an

updated LDAR database

, and


enhanced QA/QC documentation



With our technologies, the LDAR Inventory / Retag process does not have to be a painful, cyclical process. In fact, we are so confident in our approach that if you utilize our project team – we will guarantee a 10% cost savings over your lowest bid for your upcoming LDAR Inventory / Retag projects. If you have an upcoming LDAR Inventory / Retag project on your calendar, please reach out to us at to learn how our approach is revolutionizing the LDAR industry.