Electronic P&ID Markups that Save Time and Money Today (Using Free Software)


With the goal of sharing ways to improve upon compliance inefficiencies, Ei hosted a training workshop at 4C entitled Compliance Tech Trends. Among other insghts, we shared a little-known (yet free) application called Autodesk Design Review 2013 that eliminates paper, increases efficiency, and improves management of P&ID markups for any compliance purpose, including LDAR, PSM, BWON, flares, etc. Autodesk Design Review is an application that is not only compatible with Microsoft products but also with mobile platforms for Apple and Android products. The way the application works is simple – in fact it works just like MS Paint but with an astonishing difference. The highlights made are really data objects which can be used today for engineering reviews, questions and mark ups. One can also manage their P&IDs electronically as a multi-sheet and search through them for texts.

The image below shows a P&ID from AutoCAD® exported into DWF format with the ability to search for equipment (see blue outline below). These are not “smart P&IDs” – they are just like every other P&ID stored in AutoCAD but with “block information” included in the export! Compliance professionals can highlight P&IDs in just seconds using a touchscreen Windows 8 computer or tablet, with the ability to store multiple drawings (including PDF) in a single file (see red outline below).


Among others benefits, all compliance professionals should consider electronically highlighting their P&IDs using Autodesk Design Review because: o Adobe PDF, DWF, and other P&ID formats are compatible with the application. o Highlighting P&IDs electronically saves countless hours on your next re-highlighting project. o Markups can be transferred from old P&IDs to new P&IDs within standard copy/paste in seconds. o Create searchable P&IDs for fieldwork from existing CAD drawings – that’s right, your current P&IDs are capable of being searchable to find any equipment on the P&IDs, such as a flow transmitter (we can’t express how much field-time this saves).

To learn more about how Ei can help you eliminate hard-copy markups in favor of electronic ones that you or your contractor can manage, feel free to contact our EngTeam at engineers@env-int.com.