Ei Safety is Coming


Over the course of the past year, our LDAR Projects team has been busy with countless projects involving substantial field work. As with any young, growing company: safety is the most important aspect of any project we do. To promote safety on our projects, we've implemented various internal tools to support our field teams and achieve our goal zero work environment. The Beginning: Eliminate Paper

Every one of our LDAR Projects is completed without a shard of paper, and every one of our LDAR Professionals is provided a tablet to use for field work. So we started with simple Google Forms to log the topics we talked about during our Daily Safety Tailgates.

Google Form Used in the Early Days
Google Form Used in the Early Days

Get Notified on the Go

Internally, we use Slack for a communication / notification platform, and using a very easy Google Script we were able to get automatic messages in our #safety channel (which every team member is a member of) of any safety form that was submitted.

Slack #safety Channel
Slack #safety Channel

The Revelation

Once we wired up the safety forms to our internal #safety channel, something magical happened: everyone became aware of the topics that were being discussed across various field projects, and we started sharing safety moments and best practices across all levels of the organization. Then we realized: collecting safety "form" information is only an incremental update over paper-based safety forms, but the magic happens when you make all of the information publicly accessible within the organization.

"Let's Share this With our Customers" - Ei Safety is Born

Our close customers loved what we showed them about our internal tools, so one afternoon someone had the idea to make a simple safety-focused app for others to use. And just like that, Ei Safety was born. Since August, we've been refining the application, and look forward to releasing it later this quarter.

Finding a Better Way

Check out our new website, eisafety.com to learn more or sign up for the Beta release!