Document and Perform Initial Monitoring at the Same Time

In the past 6 months, the Ei team has been diligently working to optimize and improve our tablet-based EiMOC™ and FieldTech Toolbox™ tools, which has included the addition of a long-awaited feature: the ability to link (via Bluetooth) a monitoring instrument, including a phx21 (via integrated Bluetooth) or TVA-1000B (via Bluetooth transmitters). This functionality has recently been implemented for an inventory project to do something we never thought possible: allow LDAR technicians to efficiently document and perform initial monitoring of components - at the same time.

Increased efficiency and reduced risk leading to time and cost savings.

Common OldGen technology either does not allow for simultaneous documenting and monitoring, or is not optimized to allow for this to be performed efficiently. This requires the LDAR contractor to upload inventory documentation into the database to route components, and then make a second trip out the next day with the components routed in their monitoring handheld to perform monitoring. Climb that tower twice? (we’d prefer not to)

With our intrinsically-safe, Microsoft Surface Pro™ 3 tablets running EiMOC™ or FieldTech Toolbox™, the included shoulder strap makes it incredibly comfortable and convenient for a technician to have hands-free access to the tablet. With a monitoring instrument stored in a backpack, this provides the technician with the ability to perform inspections. Our software allows for simultaneous collection of documentation and monitoring data, so that at the end of the day, both the inventory data and the inspection data can be pushed into the database. No re-routing, no syncing of tablets, and only one trip into the field to inventory and monitor new components.

Current project metrics show that our one-technician approach for documenting and monitoring have been able to achieve documenting and monitoring rates of over 750 components per day. And with the quality controls built into our EiMOC™ and FieldTech Toolbox™, as well as the quality assurance reports built into our FieldTech Manager™ software, LDAR inventory and monitoring data is QA/QC’d with industry-leading scrutiny to ensure the data coming in is accurate and compliant.