Case Study: 175,000 Components Documented and Monitored in 9 Weeks with Ei Tech

One of Ei's clients just wrapped up a project utilizing the same tablet and P&ID technology our LDAR Projects team uses, FieldTech Toolbox. This project was a brand-new inventory project, which also included initial monitoring of the components added.

How FieldTech Toolbox Was Used

Each FieldTech Toolbox tablet was pre-loaded with project-specific quality controls and tools to optimize efficiency, such as Ei's Location Builder, which automates the process of writing a location description.

Furthermore, each tablet was paired with a phx21 which is a Flame Ionization Detector (FID) manufactured by LDARtools. Utilizing FieldTech Toolbox Bluetooth monitoring functionality, components (both Parents and child connectors) were monitored in the field at the same time the components were being documented, eliminating a costly second trip into the field.



After the training and orientation performed during the first week of the project (Week 0 in the table to the right), the field team quickly ramped-up productivity. By the second week of the project, the team was averaging over 2,000 components documented and monitored per day! And from there on, the team began exceeding 3,000 to 4,000 components per day.


As you can see from the chart at the left, daily productivity continued to increase throughout the project, but all-and-all, the team had a relatively short learning-curve. Everything about FieldTech Toolbox is designed for ease-of-use and efficiency.


As for productivity, between 5 and 9 tablets were utilized every day. Extrapolating that, the team averaged 356 components documented per day, per tablet, as plotted in the chart to the right.



By eliminating many manual data-entry processes, as well as unnecessary trips into the field (to do monitoring after a component is added), a team of LDAR Professionals utilizing Ei's FieldTech Toolbox can achieve never-before-seen levels of productivity