Technology to Speed Up Connector / Heavy Liquid Documentation

We’ve spoken to multiple folks recently who are undertaking connector inventory projects or brand-new inventories (which include connectors). 

Where does the time go with connector inventory?

When it comes to data capture in the field, keystrokes count. Whether it’s on a standard datalogger or a tablet-based solution, minimizing the keystrokes required to collect field data is critical.


But what if we could cut that typing time in half? Imagine documenting twice the number of connectors in a day?

Ei Innovation: Connector Builder

Leveraging the larger screen-size of Ei’s FieldTech Toolbox™ tablet, we’ve added a second quick-add screen to our standard documentation window, containing simple single-click radio buttons for each part of a connector’s location. Additionally, this new form updates the stream, component type, size, and LDAR tag number automatically. How does it work? See the GIF below:

Ei's ChilD Quick-Adder

Ei's ChilD Quick-Adder


Ei Innovation: LDAR Keyboard

One thing our Connector Builder doesn’t help with are non-abbreviation equipment names, such as P-101 or EX-505. For this, we created a custom LDAR keyboard which contains keys for common abbreviations that one may find in the field.

Ei's Custom ldaR Keyboard for Speeding Up Field Data Collection

Ei's Custom ldaR Keyboard for Speeding Up Field Data Collection


By thinking critically of the work that’s performed in the field, as well as always striving to find a better way, these simple innovations can bring productivity to your next connector inventory project. Want a demo or a beta test to try on your project? Email us at and we’ll hook you up!