[PRESS RELEASE] EiCAD Launch - Intelligent 3D Models, Point Clouds and P&IDs

July 1, 2017 - Boise, ID.  Environmental intellect (Ei) announces it has divested its computer-aided drafting (CAD) business in a simultaneous acquisition of KTMN Enterprises based out of Boise, Idaho. With the acquisition, Ei also announced the formation of EiCAD and the hiring of Mr. Shale Robison as it's Chief Executive Officer.

Robust and pristine “as-is” spatial information has never been easier to capture with 3D imaging technologies; however, point cloud data does not produce preliminary designs or construction documents. EiCAD is a full service CAD operation that offers expertise in processing laser scan data to generate intelligent Business Information management (BIM) models, as well as converting to intelligent piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs).

Shane Kling, Founder of Ei and EiCAD on the acquisition:

“I have known Shale for a number of years, and his 24+ years of knowledge and expertise in the AEC industry, as well as intelligent CAD and laser scanning (LiDAR) technologies complements his leadership. We envision that EiCAD will provide our existing customer base with specialized expertise to deliver high-quality and cost-effective mapping technologies in the form of intelligent P&IDs, point clouds, or 2D/3D models. We are also excited about the possibilities to offer compliance and CAD-based solutions to a much larger market.”

Shale Robison, CEO of EiCAD, on the mission and vision of EiCAD:

“EiCAD represents the point of convergence of latest technology in the CAD/BIM market and a specialized team of professionals who leverage proven industry best practices for CAD and BIM production. Historically, the industry “bottleneck” in utilizing laser scan data is a function of both labor and cost at the point of producing 3D models and converting 2D drawings. With the 3D scanning market expected to approach $6BN by 2022, we are excited to position ourselves as leading BIM experts who can scale to insurmountable project volumes while reducing the pricing floor for intelligent BIM models.”

EiCAD empowers you with industry-best project management and execution support to deliver scalable, high-volume modeling services in LOD 100-500 to meet your needs, all while ensuring high-levels of quality with assurance practices administered by in-house experts.

Have an upcoming project, or interested in learning more? EiCAD can eliminate "modeling lag" on your next project or guide you to implement intelligent AutoCAD® P&IDs. To receive a worry-free cost quotation for services at our ei-cad.com page: https://www.ei-cad.com/cost-calculator/

To learn more about EiCAD, feel free to contact Shale Robison at (208) 830-3756 or shale@env-int.com.