LDAR Excellence™ - What’s That All About Anyway?

Ei is excited to announce its 2017 calendar of LDAR Excellence™ Training, which was kicked-off as part of the fantastic 4C HSE Conference held in Austin on February 21-22, 2017 in Austin, Texas. We delivered an intense 2-Day LDAR training agenda featuring more interactive discussion panels on regulatory enforcement, CD termination, and LDAR best practices.

Over 70 people attended Ei's first LDAR Excellence™ training in Austin, TX

Over 70 people attended Ei's first LDAR Excellence™ training in Austin, TX

Day 1 (Feb. 21) of the LDAR Excellence Workshop focused on LDAR Compliance Alerts, Enforcement, and CD/ELP Termination Updates. Day 2 (Feb. 22) was dedicated to LDAR Best Practices presentations and discussion panels spanning a myriad of subjects from auditing to data management to technician staffing and professional development to Low-E sealing, bolting and packing to online leak repair (hot-tap / line-stop) and drill-and-tap repairs.

We were thrilled by the industry participation, which featured industry presentations and roundtable discussions by Marathon Petroleum Company, INEOS Nitriles, and Aux Sable Liquid Products. These industry leaders shared, among other things, recent compliance experiences, lessons learned, and agency interactions as it relates to the most recent EPA compliance enforcement initiatives impacting the petroleum refining, chemicals, and oil and gas industries!

Lead LDAR trainers, Eric Allen and Shane Kling, look forward to building on the success of the LDAR Excellence Workshop by bringing this training event to a new major US city each quarter!

Questions? Comments? Or, do you want to nominate your city/area as a future location for LDAR Excellence Training™? Leave us a comment below - we appreciate your feedback!

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