15th Annual ISA LDAR Fugitive Emission Symposium Recap


The Ei team had the pleasure of presenting at ISA Leak Detection and Repair Symposium that took place May 19th through May 22nd in New Orleans. We couldn’t have asked for better conditions in the Big Easy. Warm weather, crawfish boils and most importantly, a gathering of over 170 attendees at the ISA LDAR Symposium. Over the course of two days, 19 different presenters covered topics ranging from LDAR Technology, LDAR Compliance and Enforcement, and Low Leak Technology. Furthermore, Ken Garing and Jodi Howard of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) gave a presentation and participated in a regulatory panel. We were pleasantly surprised with Ken Garing made the following remark after Ei’s presentation “Electronic P&IDs, holy cow! The potential cost savings are huge!” Some of the presentations we found particularly interesting include:

• "What can a Smarter Handheld Operating System offer you as an LDAR Professional"by Chris Paterson, InspectionLogic • "Debunking the Retag Cycle at Shell Norco with Industry-Best Automation" by Eric Allen • "Mushrooms to Gold - Mining LDAR Data to Ensure Compliance, Quality and Productivity" by Rex Moses, LDARTools • "New Optical Gas Imaging Technology for Quantifying Fugitive Emission Rates" by Jon Morris, Providence Engineering • "Development of Emission Factors from API 622/624 Test Data" by Buzz Harris and Bronson Pate, Sage Environmental • Regulatory Panel by Ken Garing and Jodi Howard from the EPA

Our very own, Eric Allen, gave a presentation and live demo of our FieldTech Toolbox™. Using a case study from a recent refinery retag project, the presentation highlighted how Ei’s software eliminated the issues that often plague a retag project, which include:

• Introducing quality controls to prevent future re-work • Seamless merging of old tag history with new tag information • Enhanced project tracking to keep all team members accountable to project milestones • Completely electronic management of field relines for easy sharing and QA/QC • Increasing project efficiency by 30% with no increase in total project cost

You can view Ei's presentation here, and you can view the other presentations presented at the conference here.

The symposium was an immense success. ISA did a wonderful job of hosting, and the key sponsors made sure that a good time was had. The 2015 symposium was a success by all accounts, and ISA did a wonderful job of hosting this annual event. We look forward to continuing to support the industry’s only LDAR and Fugitive Emissions-specific conference in future years, and continuing to drive innovation in the LDAR industry. We can’t wait for next year’s ISA LDAR Symposium!

If you would like more information on how Ei uses technology to drive innovation in LDAR retagging, inventory and revalidation contact us at eric@env-int.com or you can call us at 312-600-7243.