Ei was founded in 2007 from a thought our co-founders had to develop a better way of helping a client with a simple task: create a spreadsheet detailing every process line on an engineering schematic to indicate its chemical contents and regulatory applicability. This seemingly, simple task turned into a painful, labor intensive one, which led to the creation of massive spreadsheet that morphed into a SQL database. Driven by a quest to find a better way, the co-founders stumbled on “intelligent,” or data-driven drawings - a technology which was just beginning to mature enough for our customers to consider adopting at the time. For the next 6 years, Ei existed as a part-time endeavor between the two co-founders - resulting in the development of the strong foundation upon which we innovate today.

Beginning in 2014, Ei matured to a full-time devotion - leading to the hiring of our first round of dedicated Chemical Engineers, CAD Professionals, and Software Developers. Since 2014, this growing team has focused on tackling the challenge of finding a better way to tackle industry challenges - leveraging emerging technologies from both consumer and industrial space to bring efficiency, compliance, and profitability to the energy and manufacturing industries we serve, as well as reducing headaches with a better way.