Ei's Trainers

Ei is led by a couple of “old minds” disguised as young guys. Shane Kling and Eric Allen have collectively supported more than 150 facilities regulated by LDAR. Their vast experience covers nearly every aspect of fugitive emissions with an emphasis on auditing, training, and program implementation. Working alongside LDAR greats, they have shaped Ei into a premier engineering service provider with industry-best P&ID technology. 

4C LDAR for Excellence Training

Ei will shared it's new approach to LDAR Experts training with our 2017 LDAR Excellence Workshop, our new 2-day expert-level, training workshop at the 4C Conference February 21-22, 2017 in Austin, TX.

Interactive Activities

  • Roundtable Discussion with Recent CD + ELP Consenters who have Terminated
  • Low-E Technology and Best Practices Activity
  • Panel Discussion with O&G Industry
  • PFD Review + How to Talk to Process Engineers + P&ID Highlighting Activity
  • CAD Demonstrations and Making your P&IDS Searchable
  • LDAR Best Practices Panel Discussion

Training Outline

  • 2017 LDAR: Current Landscape and Future Opportunities
  • CD + ELP Terminatinos
  • Low-E Implementation, Technologies
  • Optical Gas Imaging
  • LDAR / BWON Monitoring Grey Areas
  • P&IDs and Applicability
  • LDAR Contractor Best Practices + Continuous Improvement
  • LDAR Project Best Practices

Co-Presenters and Industry Leaders: Rex Moses (LDARtools), Deever Bradley (ERM), David W. Reeves (formerly of Chevron), Todd Morrison (Insight Environmental), Tom Thayer (Plant Services, Inc.), and David Clover (Advanced Sealing), plus others!

Industry-led Panel Discussions - Marathon Petroleum Company, INEOS Nitriles, Aux Sable Liquid Products, plus others!